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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Hero of Lukomorye - Chapter II: Tainted Blood

Agent Kolobok helps you from the beginning. Monsters at levels 25-65, including four new races.
Forty two quests, highly sophisticated dungeons, seven new spells.
ZIP file also includes the excerpt from "The Hero of Lukomorye" opera by a renowned Lukomorian composer, the director of Royal Philharmonics, George Bolger.

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Lukomorye is not free yet so you have to face new monsters and meet new foes in order to help your friends. The danger will await you everywhere: in the air, under your feet, in the water and, of course, in numerous dungeons. New foes, new monsters, heroes' life is tough New foes, new monsters, heroes' life is tough
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You thought that Savir Enchanted Armory was hard enough. Now while solving one of 42 quests you'll have to go through Yishkatoli Greenhouse which is even harder. And through Temple of Hideous Phantasms in another quest. And through Abyss.

Yishkatoli Greenhouse - dangerous and treacherous Hostess of the Hills is peaceful but her mine guards are not

And through many other exotic places meeting strange enemies and even stranger friends. But be careful when you'll get to Mad Dwarves Castle or to the Order of the Sword - you'll need all your strength and intelligence there, even though these are only sidequests alongside major storyline.

And it all depends on you.


Beware of moles!

There are many different kind of moles in Lukomorye