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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Hero of Lukomorye - Chapter I: Siege of Zlatograd

Monsters at levels 16-25 (in demo part), 25-50 in the rest of the game and 7 dungeons for levels 24-40.
Thirty various quests and numerous puzzles of different complexity, five new races of monsters, four new spells.
ZIP file also includes the excerpt from "The Hero of Lukomorye" opera by a renowned Lukomorian composer, the director of Royal Philharmonics, George Bolger.

Your journey begins on tiny Muck Island, located in the Svetloyar Sea. But even in this pristine environment you'll face dreadful monsters. Muck Island - the place where journey begins
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You'll visit unusual places such as the enemies' enchanted armory, the spirits' village covered in snow during midsummer, the house of a tricky sorceress...

...and meet enemies that you haven't seen before in The Quest, while some monsters might be friendly.

You will have to fight in other dimensions, dungeons, an underwater grotto (if your level is high enough), places where magic does not work and places where you can't see the map.

And it all depends on you.


Will the Siege of Zlatograd be lifted or will the wicked Savirs and Kozney the Deathless prevail and crush Lukomorye. Will the Lukomorian golden bows and arrows defeat the Savirian gray wolf? Will you tilt the balance to one side or the other?


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