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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Hero of Lukomorye
Chapter V: Island of Buyan

Fifty quests, dragons and gargoyles, elves and firebirds, eleven new spells.

When you sailed with your dear spouse for a nice honeymoon vacation to the beautiful island of Buyan, you packed suntan lotion and some books to read. Levitating between landmarks, meeting members of the ancient race of Pterosapiens, you definitely deserved to have good quality family time!

Unfortunately, you didn't take good weapons and armor with you as the Principality of Buyan is under attack and they need your help. Come ashore and be ready for quests! All fifty of them!

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Elves shooting at you, new spells hitting you, flying creatures want to tear you apart. Political turmoil, parliamentary crisis, factionary fights mixed with ancient magic and maniac monsters. Isn't it what your life is about?


And Kolobok stayed home this time. Too bad for him - he missed so much fun on the island! You told him so but he's a stubborn piece of bread, you know.