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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Hero of Lukomorye
Chapter IV: Death to the Deathless

Four new races of monsters, forty two quests, dragons and dungeons, elves and traps, four new spells.
ZIP file also includes the excerpt from "The Hero of Lukomorye" opera by a renowned Lukomorian composer, the director of Royal Philharmonics, George Bolger.

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You're called to the northern port of Seversk where the Tzar gathers his army and navy for a final assault on Kozney's stronghold, the unreachable Venets Island. He is still a menace for Lukomorye and its neighbors as he is joined by new allies. Not only the Tzardom of Lukomorye but the Principality of Holodovia and the Underwater Kingdom also need your help. But in the end, you'll get the ultimate prize (and, by the way, don't forget to look in Seversk Center for a small gift for you).

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Moles and asps were long time ago. Even fighting ents and mandrakes is so last chapter. To solve 42 quests you'll have to overcome snowmen and dwarf blacksmiths. And, it's not all of bad news - Kozney has called elves to help him and invisiblis (who are invisible monsters obviously) also joined the battle on his side. The road to simple, quiet happiness with the family around you is so hard and sometimes bloody.

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Kobolds will need your help, while Abbot Mozdok can be rude to you if you don't have a cure for him. Prince Ivan is cursed and losing his mind, yet Princess Marya of Underwater Kingdom looks for sunscreen before her wedding. Curing a tentacled patient, infecting Rasvim, destroying artifact in the Museum - nothing is impossible for the Hero of Lukomorye. Right?



Bonus is three clicks away in the world above.