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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Hero of Lukomorye - Chapter III: Stormy Seas

Four new races of monsters, fifty two quests, highly sophisticated dungeons, three new spells, six new diseases.
ZIP file also includes the excerpt from "The Hero of Lukomorye" opera by a renowned Lukomorian composer, the director of Royal Philharmonics, George Bolger.

You received a rich province of Cologreve as a Tzar's reward and were expecting a nice vacation. But before you can start to govern the place you need to investigate wrongdoings of three criminal bosses, look for missing Agent Kolobok (yes! your dear friend got lost! that's alone is enough to make you thirsty for revenge, isn't it?), and, surely, find whereabouts of your mortal enemy, Kozney the Deathless.

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You thought that fighting moles and asps was difficult and too bloody. Now while solving one of 52 quests you'll have to face several kinds of mandrakes and evil ents which are even harder and trickier to kill. But killing by itself will not get you very far - you'll have to pick strange plants in the Dangerous Garden and gain a new ability Healing to cure several important patients from hydrophobia, toothache, allergy and other diseases.

You will meet Death, dive for pearls, jump from one pirate brig to another, kill a number of assasins looking to kill you and get a chance to select your own fate.

And it all depends on you. Beware of moles and... spending too much money in the casino!