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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Cursed Chess Set


Based on the idea of Eric "PointofLight" Pankoke for free expansion "Tower in Your Pocket".
Significantly redone and remodeled.

Dreaming of a nice sea voyage? In reality, you're in a gloomy prison in the country of Staunton, sentenced to death for destroying the King's two landmark towers, a crime you didn't commit. A crowd outside the Palace is clamoring for your head. The noose awaits you.

You will receive forty quests from all kind of people, including His Majesty the King Henry VIII of Staunton and Larry the Wasteland Rat.

You'll visit Chamber of Mirrors, Home of the Dragon Clan, Dungeon of Regrets...

...and meet enemies and creatures that you haven't seen before in The Quest. Again!

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You saw the towers vanish and two ratlike creatures slink away. Can you find them and clear your name? Or will this be the end of your sterling career?