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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Escape from Asteroids

Based on a story by Elizabeth Arnold.
9 new spells, 5 new monsters, amazing new graphic by Sylon, including a new weapon.
Significantly updated in 2010 version!

Asteroid Belt Two is impatiently waiting for a hero.

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You will receive thrity-nine quests, meet resistance fighters and visit Royal Palace. But you'll also have to go to Hot Spume Hell, Vortex Grid, Air Processing Plant...

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You'll have to kill moles... No, wait, not moles, but mole men. What is easier - clipping dragon's toenails or merging sprites? Fetching a wedding dress for a water sprite or celebrate a birthday of a water ghost's teenage daughter? You'd better be hunting for Dark Mage's minions like Hemma and Sek.

But don't be afraid of being on totally strange missions. As usual in our expansions you'll have to find Cat and look for Old Shaman. Good to have something familiar even in vast emptiness of space, isn't it, the hero?