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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Catacomber, one of Zarista Games developers, is the author of several popular expansions for Legacy, another fantasy RPG by Redshift

Island of Waerloga

Lost on an island off Grendelmoore, you must find the wizard Waerloga. He asks you to capture his ancestors' demonic spirits so they may be put to eternal rest. Ghosts and devils have crossed over into this world because of Waerloga's folly in stealing the five books of Solomon from his ancestors' graves. He asks that you regain the books and break the spell. Five books, five demons, five keys and an island filled with mystery and peril. Entry is from Grendelmoore. This map is for levels 17-25.

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Wild Celts

The story involves the old Picts of England - a mysterious group of people - fierce warriors who painted themselves blue and were fond of tattoos. Other different races or tribes are Angles, Saxons, Scots, Picts, Jutes, Celts, Romans. They are all fighting each other and some of them are fighting you. You can try to conquer them all or make peace among them. Sometimes the fighting and arguing is right in front of you and sometimes it's behind the scenes. It's up to you who will be your enemies and who will be your friends. That's your decision. Entrance from Grendelmoore

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Worn and battle weary, you are called back to a land you had visited some years before. The peaceful town of Gendry has been ransacked by a wicked wizard, Aegon. He's carried off many of the villagers, including a boy you had once rescued and his sister. Will you track Aegon down to his lonely, mountain fastness and save the captives? He's elusive and hard to find. Entry is through Descrantes.

For levels 3-18 || For levels 45-90