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Hero of Lukomorye and others
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Q: I have bought your game at But I only get a mail from PayPal/Google checkout with the note "Zarista Games will process your order shortly". Where can I download the full version??

A: For yet unexplained reasons sometimes customers do not get the automatic followup email from us where the download link is shown. If you don't receive such email in 30 minutes after you purchase and you're sure that your Spam filter didn't consider our email spam - do not hesitate to contact us. We'll try to resolve the issue immediately and send you the correct link. But please understand that we are not at our computers 24x7 and be patient. We promise the issue will be resolved in less than 24 hours.

Q: When I try to install the program it only brings up the palm pilots hot sync-able on my computer. My wife and mom have their palm devices hot sync-able on my computer so programs need to be specifically for a PPC or Palm. I still am unable to load the program to my PPC. What should I do?

A: Just so you know I just copied the file directly into the program folder of the PPC and I am now ok. If anyone asks and they are in the same situation I am with both the ActiveSync and HotSync program on their computer they have to not bother with the normal automatic installation method but just copy the program into "The Quest" folder of their PPC. I am all set now.

Q:How do I get to Lukomorye from the main game?

A:The expansion pack requires a registered The Quest 1.03 game. You need to go to Mithria harbor, and speak with the Captain Hanty. Pick "Travel" and you can select "Lukomorye" as destination.

Q: I just purchased your expansion world, Hero's of Lukomorye I, for the Quest game by Redshift and I am having a problem - I can't get it to run (with the Quest Expansion also installed). It either hangs or crashes (causing a warm restart) when I try to bring up a game. I am trying to run on a Palm T5 with 30M of free memory - I know this is one of the PDAs you've said there are problems. However, I'm wondering if you have any information that could help resolve the problem or what specifically the problem is. Is this something that you will be fixing in the future? Is there a way I can determine what is really going on and possibly delete some other program to free up enough space run?
When I uninstall the Quest Expansion, Lukomorye loads but all armor, weapons, amulets, etc.. earned in the Expansion are gone! Since I sold all the less powerful stuff from the base Quest Game, it left my character (a level 23 Derth mage) practically naked and weaponless! In the past games, specifically Legacy, you could install or delete worlds as necessary, but the weapons and clothing stayed with the characters. Does this mean that any "stuff" I get in Lukomorye will not be able to be used in other expansion worlds as well? That would not be a good thing.

A: Redshift hasn't worked out a way for a player to house and access many expansions at the same time at The Quest. It's been a discussion that most likely players wouldn't be able to run a new expansion with The Quest and the official expansion running at the same time.
So here is a suggestion:

  1. Uninstall Official Expansion
  2. Go to Mithria and buy basic good weapons
  3. Travel to Lukomorye. We put a set of basic items with some extra power lying on Muck Island and in barrels there.
  4. After you complete Baba Manya's quest, you can get to the testers' island. Baba Manya is in the southwest of Muck Island. The testers all will give you high power stuff. In addition to that, there is a store that sells numerous armors, books etc. (no weapons).

Some people have been running the game with the OE also but only on the PPC and Palm TX. Our suggestion is that you take off as much stuff as you can. Some people recommend using udmh which is available as a trial and is a memory expander. We've had no experience with it so can't recommend it.
If your T5 can run Lukomorye without the OE, you'll still have an enjoyable game. The only alternative would be to try the PC version where you could run the OE and Luko.