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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                

Attack from Asteroids

Based on a story by Elizabeth Arnold.

You thought you have escaped from those stones in the sky but in the stellar system far-far away someone else thought differently...

You sense a summons and feel great pain as you are sucked through the Abyss into another place and time. The Elemental Lord awaits you. As well as mercenaries in the hall of the Nebudons. And hounds in the Cave of Sacrifices. It's tough to be a star warrior, isn't it?

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Well, some of those hounds are just hungry and you'll have to feed them. Also on the to-do list, bring back Dead Hero, warn dragons, kill minions, seek treasure. You're busy as always.

And of course Cat and Old Shaman would be there as they cannot leave you without their help. May the Quest be with you, the hero!