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Readme for Hero of Lukomorye - Chapter II (PDF)


Thank you for buying our game. Here we provide some information that will be useful in your gaming experience. The latest version of this file is also available on our website (


  1. It’s always wise to start with a “clean save” file before going into any new world. Here are instructions from Stewe – one of the creators of The Quest on how to clean your save (works for ppc/palm/pc).

    - start the game, go to the additional world screen
    - DISABLE expansions that you don’t need (for example, Official Expansion or Hero of Lukomorye I)
    - load the saved game
    - SAVE it
    - exit (now the saved game is smaller! 'cause it doesn't have information about the miss pack)
    - start game, be sure to have Hero of Lukomorye 2 enabled
    - load the saved game
    - now go to the “Tainted Blood” world.
  2. This expansion is very rich in graphics, both original and from the main game. However, we had to limit ourselves so the file size will not be too big for many devices. Thus, some of the objects introduced in other expansions are absent here. For example, if your character is equipped with a crossbows and carrying bows from the Official Expansion and you don’t want to disable that expansion we highly recommend you to sell it or store it outside of Hero of Lukomorye II as it will cause problems and restart of the game. You can stash them in Your House in the main game.


  3. Introduction: You are the Hero of Lukomorye, a country occupied by enemies. Prince Ivan, your childhood friend and heir to the Tzar's throne, has been captured and imprisoned. The courageous people of this beautiful country fight day and night against the invaders - the mighty Savirian army supported by the powerful dark magic of Kozney the Deathless. You helped win the battle: defeated Invasion’s army near Zlatograd. But Savirs and Kozney’s mages still occupy significant part of western Lukomorye. Now it's time to help win the war!
    Lukomorye needs your help in liberating Princess Zabava from the Savirian harem of King Ziligd in Tmutarakan where she's captive. They also need you to deliver a Neverending Mana Charger, the top-secret work of brilliant Lukomorian scientists, to Princess Vasilisa in Ezersk. You can get this from Silvergirl at Redshift University in Tmutarakan. Finally, they need your help freeing Prince Ivan but your friends have no idea where he is, they only know he's still alive.
  4. There are very many doors and barrels that contain something when you first tap them. However, there are some that may seem to be unresponsive. If you find such an object we recommend you memorize the location (or Mark it) and come to it later.
  5. The “Find a cure quest” is given in Redshift University by MuldrzSis. After receiving this quest we recommend you visit another professor in the same university, Old Shaman, who will help in solving this quest.
  6. Removal of Kolobok. Yes! The favorite pastry/secret agent continues to help you, to sing songs, and to comment on the action. However, there will be a part of the game where he’ll be stolen from you. You can find him easily if you look carefully.
  7. One of the most difficult parts of HOLII is Mad Dwarves Castle. Full of riddles, puzzles and surprises it should entertain you for hours (we hope!). You can finish HOLII without ever visiting Mad Dwarves but if you liked Argimon’s dungeon in HOLI, you must test yourself in the Castle.
    To get there you need to receive 1) a quest “Free Cat” (yes, again, life is hard on poor Cat!), 2) a sequential quest “Bring Cat a Rock”. While there, read carefully what Argimon is saying to you during your journey through the realm of Mad Dwarves. Sometimes he gives you hints. There are hidden walls in the dungeon. For some you need special stones - you will find them during your way through the dungeon. Some walls could be broken by a weapon and some you just need to tap, but there are also walls you need to do something else to set them invisible.
  8. When dealing with buttons and switches, especially in Mad Dwarves' Castle, your PDA's buttons work better than a stylus. No matter whether you are using the stylus or PDA buttons and trying to activate buttons or levers, you have to use "use" instead of "hit".


  • If you cannot find a solution to a particular problem or would like to discuss your feelings and thoughts of how hard it is to be the Hero of Lukomorye, we invite you to visit following websites:
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