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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                


From now on you have only two choices: Fight Hard or Fight Lite.
Don't uninstall Chapter IV and don't forget a book which showed you the way to me.
But remember: I must see the Deathless to become the Breathless.s
If you run away, I'll haunt you forever (or, until you turn off your PDA).

Travel via Mithria.

Hey, you, don't rush! Sign my questbook so I'll remember your name and, if you fail (like many brave ones before you), will personally and professionally haunt your grave. I have a log, where I put names of all those who decided to kill the Deathless, let me brush some moss from it. Yea, here it is - you can see the history of bravery.