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Aerofloat Flight with special guests:

Zarista Games is happy to announce that the Aerefloat Clear Skies will sail from Odettia to Fairwinds Villa where a feast will be had and casino chips are on the house.

Honored passengers include (in alphabetical order):

Argimon, Chdo, Echo, GoldenGhost, Maracucho_07, Mercinary284, Old Shamanl, Sphinx67, Tux1212 and Wizardz.

Special thanks to Old Shaman as our senior scripting specialist and for scripting the casino and other scripting help. Special thanks to Argimon (a/k/a Kozney the Deathless) for his challenging and deadly dungeons (Forgotto Grotto, the Submarine and the Cockpit and for scripting help). Special thanks to Sphinx 67 for drawing the star monster Two Beaks, for which she won Zarista's monster-drawing contest. Special thanks to Echo for her wonderful tale of Slazier the Demon and her quest to save her sister, A'au. Special thanks to Sylon for his graphics, including the Gargoyl and the Firebird and for generally polishing the graphics.

Special thanks to all the betatesters, but especially Old Shaman, Chdo and Wizardz for untiring, detailed work. It was a true pleasure to work with all of you.