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Credits Cruise (from Sidor News Service)

Zarista Games is happy to announce that its splendid yacht 'The Editor' will sail on its bi-annual Svetloyar Sea cruise from Pokoygrad Port on Thursday after the rain.

Honored passengers include (in alphabetical order):
Alvarin, Ardenne, Argimon, Aslmentor, Broono, CfsDoc, Chdo, Demonstar, Demya, Duke of GP, Eric1717, Gbol, Ghosthunter, GoldenGhost, Hawkfire, Imran, Moof, Moti, MuldrzSiS, Old Shaman, Pao, Roland, Silvergirl, Swimmer, Tux1212, Vaterguy and Yorrick.

As usual, these people have made a significant impact on recent developments in the world and expanded our knowledge of the world. Some worked in the forums and some behind the scenes.

Special thanks to Old Shaman as our senior scripting specialist, herbologist and Entologist. He is responsible for the Ents scripting, the Dangerous Garden and the slot machines as well as other scripts in the game.
Thanks to Argimon for helping with the Ent scripting.
Special thanks for graphics go to Alvarin for his splendid Ents and to Hawkfire for his radiant Fairies.
Special thanks to Gbol for his accompanying music. It's too bad it could not be included within the game but you can enjoy it alongside the game. It sets the perfect mood.
Special thanks to Silvergirl for betatesting nonpareil and for picking up all the things the rest of us missed.
Special thanks to all the betatesters for assiduous, untiring work. It was a true pleasure to have you on board.
Thanks to Lord Yuz for his idea of the healer. Thanks to Duke of GP for his idea of the Magic Squares and for the layout of the Casino.

Mayor Ostap has already declared that the start of the cruise will be celebrated by fireworks in the haven and the celebrities invited for the cruise will have to walk on a red carpet from the middle of Bogataya St (across the Tzar-Gosudar Casino) to the port. All city gates will be opened at no charge for the whole day. The Quarring Stones will perform at the stage on Tzar Vladimir Boulevard from 7 until dusk.

Zarista Games will also sponsor an after-party dinner in Pechki-Lavochki Pub in the haven. Everybody is cordially invited.