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Let us lift our goblets of rich Massandra wine to toast the testers (in alphabetical order): Ardenne, Argimon, Broono, Chdo, CfsDoc, Dea Firstianty (Lily), Demonstar, Duke60504, Eric1717, Gbol, Ghosthunter, Hawkfire, Imran, Manolan, Martelius, Moti, MuldrzSiS, Old Shaman, PointofLight, Roland, Silvergirl, Swimmer, Tux1212, Vaterguy and Yorrick.

Special thanks to Redshift, including Stewe and Sylon for the Quest base game and the editor and their support.

Special thanks to Fractonia for use of the fractal Evil Bug.

You're cordially invited to the Testers Credits Award Ceremony!>

Zarista Games announces the winners of its Testers Credits Prizes:

  • Silvergirl is awarded the Silver Maple Leaf Tiara for organization of the team of testers who were interested in writing quests and helping to develop them and for testing above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Old Shaman is the recipient of the Golden Drum for active participation in some very difficult scripting, for designing the Cure quest with
  • MulderZSiS and for extensive testing, also way beyond the call of duty. He was not only our computer guru but a devoted bug detective.
  • Hawkfire is awarded the Raffaelo's Brush award for his beautiful graphic contributions and for his quest.
  • Argimon is awarded the Hundred Spires Cup for the design and architecture of Mad Dwarves Castle, quest design and addition of new abilities, as well as for his quests.
  • Martelius is the winner of the Sword-in-the-Arm Cup for the design and architecture of the Order of the Sword and the quests therein.
  • MuldrzSiS is the winner of Avifer Aureus Cup for the design and architecture of the Yashkatoli Greenhouse and for contributing, along with Old Shaman, the Cure quest and for extensive testing.
  • Gbol is the recipient of the Theremin Award for extensive testing beyond the call of duty.
  • Vaterguy is the recipient of the Cold Red Star award for environmental action.
  • CfsDoc is the recipient of the Caduceus of Hippocrates.
  • Imran and Yorrick share the award for Most Noxious Spell.
  • Special thanks also to Dea Firstianty (Lily), Ghosthunter, Imran, PointofLight and Swimmer for contributing their wonderful quests.
  • Special thanks to Imran and Manolan for catching the many typos and grammar inaccuracies.

    And special thanks to all the team, who are awarded the Order "Virtuti Patienti" for their support and help with developing of the game.

The award ceremony will take place in Belovodsk City Hall after Thursday rain. Dress code: black tie with gowns (Attention to wizards of both genders: no, wizarding gowns are not suitable!).

Sincerely yours,
Zarista Games

Special thanks to Tux1212, Doeni (for German version of the site), Broono (for Czech version) and IgorBuz and Vaterguy (for Russian version)!