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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                


Many thanks to Redshift for giving us the Quest and the Official Expansion and for allowing use in Lukomorye of graphics both from Legacy and the Quest. Thanks to Stewe and Sylon for helping in so many ways.

Thanks to Hawkfire for help with graphics.

Thanks to Andrei Chirea for his help with graphics.

Thanks to Fractonia for use of fractals.

Thanks to gbol for help with the music.

Thanks to the betatesting team (alphabetically): Argimon, Demonstar, doeni, Dragonslayer, Eradicater, Ghosthunter, Hawkfire, gbol, Imran the Scholar, Martelius, MuldrzSiS, PointofLight, Roland, Silvergirl, Swimmer, Victorash, Yorrick. You can visit them in the game.
Special thanks to Argimon, gbol, Hawkfire, Imran, Martelius & Silvergirl for efforts above and beyond the call of duty and for interesting additions to the story.
Thanks to Dea Firstianty for the quest involving Mersants' daughters.
Thanks to Argimon for his dungeon.

Thanks to Broono for the Czech translation of the website. Thanks to Doeni for the German translation.

The book "Firewind" was inspired by the song "On her side" by Boris Grebenshchikov.