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Hero of Lukomorye and others
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Reading from Hero of Lukomorye Chapter I

Lukomorye: Factbook

Country name: Tzardom of Lukomorye.
Government type: Hereditary monarchy.
Capital: Belovodsk (local time: -2 hours from Beraquel).
Administrative division: 39 provinces, 3 Royal cities (Belovodsk, Seversk,and Zverin).
Provinces are administered by appointed governor; Royal cities are administered by elected mayors.
Legal system: based on civil law of Truth of Obereg.
Royal family: Yaromir III, son of Vladimir VI the Sun Tzar, grandson of Milorad I the Restorer.
Tzarina Lyudmila, before marriage - Duchess of Shapurga.
Heir to the throne - Prince Ivan, recently married to Lady Zabava Ohgorskaya, no children.
Princess Vasilisa is unmarried. Next in the line of succession is Prince Cyril, son of the Tzar's deceased brother Bogdan.

Government is appointed by the Tzar.
Head of Government: Prime Councillor Stepan Obuhovic.
Legislature: tricameral Supreme Council consists of 100 commoners (Rada), 100 aristocrats (Duma), and 50 wizards (Krug). Presided by the heir to the throne.
Flag description: two golden bows with two arrows on an azure background.

Major cities: Belovodsk (capital), Tmutarakan, Seversk, Pozhar, Ezersk, Zverin.
Major ports: Belovodsk, Seversk, Pokoygrad (all on the Svetloyar Sea).
Major rivers: Belaya (flows from the center of Lukomorye to Svetloyar Sea), Tma (flows from Savirian steppes north to Svetloyar Sea), Kold (flows from Great Parmia south through Seversk).

International disputes: Kradotin claims to Cologreve province based on the fact that it is historical territory of Kradotin that was transferred to Lukomorye only during the shortly-lived Welfare Empire of Vsevlast the Regent. The Svetloyar Islands are considered to be a part of Lukomorye but most of them are under control of different pirates.

The Foundation of Lukomorye

In the year 6990, the 130 year-old reign of the three-headed dragon Bezdn was unchallenged from the Savirian steppe to the swamps of Monares, to the snowfields of Great Parmia, to the meadows of Kildin. The small principality of Seversk alone remained an independent state but had to pay a yearly tribute to the great dragon. When the dragon decided to find himself a new wife, his choice was Sutry, Queen of a neighboring principality called Shamaka.
Sutry asked for the independent state of Seversk as her dower portion in return for her hand in marriage. The dragon-king agreed. When the new queen arrived in Seversk several months later, its Prince Obereg refused her entry. The dragon king attempted to subdue this mutinous vassal state by a year-long siege.
However, using clever tactics, Prince Obereg and his three heroes (Bogatyrs) defeated the dragon king's army. When the army retreated from Seversk, it suffered massive desertion and had to contend with numerous local revolts. By 6995, King Bezdn had lost control of 2/3rds of his state and the rest either proclaimed independence or declared Prince Obereg of Seversk as their ruler.
In the final battle of 6999, at the delta of the Tma river, the dragon king's army was ultimately defeated and he was slain by the Bogatyr Dobrynia. Queen Sutry fled back to her native province of Shamaka and tried to organize an invasion of Savir warriors, but this failed and she was poisoned a year later. In 7000 PE, in Belovodsk (former Dragocron) Prince Obereg was proclaimed the Tsar of Lukomorye. The Obereg dynasty rules Lukomorye to this day.
Lukomorian chronology uses the year 7000 to mark the beginning of the New Era, so according to the Lukomorian calendar today is year 514PE.

Mana Energetics

Mana energy has been used by intelligent creatures for over 8 millennia. No one knows who first discovered the use of the highly charged blue underground streams that flow with magic. The initial uncontrollable use of mana led to the widespread abuse of magic and resulted in the Great Magic War, about 7000 years ago. At the end of this war, a new age began called the Peaceful Era (P.E.).
Traditionally, mana energy has been obtained from underground streams by pumping it out (creating so called Magic Air which charges everything around it) or by placing crystal balls (usually made of rock crystal) in such streams for some period of time. The mana crystal then can be discharged by touch. Today, such crystals are placed right above mana energy streams and connected to them through glass tubes so they recharge in a week and can be used for prolonged periods of time.
Raw mana energy is used to blast rocks, change landscapes and for major construction (it is said that in creating the mile-high Tower of Clouds in Dugiji, the Adamantine Empire used mana energy sufficient to fully charge a million high mages). Uhaydokan mages currently are experimenting with the use of mana energy to power ships. However, the first fleet of such ships has reportedly been blown into another dimension.