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Hero of Lukomorye and others
Expansions for The Quest by Redshift                                                


Special thanks to: Eric Pankoke (PointofLight) for his wonderful idea for this story; Argimon for his challenging dungeon; Alvarin for his unicorns; Old Shaman for his vanishing walls and the three blind and healed mice quest; DetlevH for the Chamber of Mirrors and other ideas, including having vanishing walls and fire and water arrows, Sylon for the new npc (Dwarf Blacksmith whom you'll see more of in HOLIV), and to Tux1212 as usual for his wonderful map and questlist/hintlist.

Thanks to all of the betatesters for their hard and diligent and wonderful work: Ardenne, Aslmentor, Basn2, CfsDoc, Chdo, Demonstar, DemyanK, Duke of GP, Eric1717, Gbol, Ghosthunter, GoldenGhost, Moof, MuldrzSiS, Old Shaman, Roland, Silvergirl, SirOsissofLiver, Steven, YadDaddy, and Yorrick.